Interface Printers, LLC is the leading supplier of pre-owned Xerox® printing equipment in the United States. Family owned and operated, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices keeping more money in your pockets. Interface Printers specializes in Xerox® production units, as well as all accessory types, such as feeders, fiery print controllers, and finishers.

Our experienced team follows a stringent quality control method. All of our equipment is tested, cleared of any error codes, cleaned to mint condition, and delivered ready for production.

With our centrally located warehouse in North Texas, we can easily ship domestically and internationally, offering personalized customer-focused service worldwide.

Our unique model grants our customers savings up to 70% off retail prices. As a result, dealers are able to increase their profitability, allowing printing companies to benefit from reliable and low-meter units, saving them time and money.